Language Training
That Fits Your Needs!

German / English / French / Italian / Spanish / Russian / Brazilian-Portuguese

The online language training in a virtual classroom that makes your current corporate language training obsolete!

Online Language Training “web-wide”

MONDIALE Toptraining is a supra-regional course provider for companies that makes use of web-based language lessons to provide efficient and flexible staff training.


MONDIALE Toptraining exclusively offers online face-to-face language training which can be booked as group courses or individual courses tailored to fit your company’s needs.

“Your teacher comes to you.”

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Live & In Person
Live with a qualified trainer, not by means of educational software. You work with your teacher, hear and see each other.
Each MONDIALE LiveWeb language training is tailored to the needs and professional requirements of the students.
Whether abroad on a business trip, at home or at work, the course can be held at any place.
Language training whenever you want.
Saves Time & Money
With MONDIALE LiveWeb language training there are no travel times or expenses.
You only need a web browser.
Includes placement test, needs analysis and optional evaluation test.


Our customer service is at your disposal. We will help you choose your language training, make recommendations for the right intervals and intensity of language training, assess your language level and needs, and help get you started with the LiveWeb training.

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Online Planner

We provide you with access to our online planner which enables you to directly see time slots that are still available for language lessons. Just log in, choose your time and date and then you will have access to your lesson plan at any time. You can adapt the time and intervals of your lessons according to your needs.

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Needs Analysis

The more we know about your language needs, the better we can support you in your learning process. A detailed online needs analysis helps us to get the necessary insights to develop high-quality training tailored to your needs.

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