Needs Analysis (General Language)

Please fill out the following needs analysis form:


    What language would you like to improve?

    What are you interested in improving?

    Check all that apply.

    How important are the following to you?

    Mark each of the following from 1 to 6.
    1 = being the most important; 6 = being the least important

    Conversation (Formulating, replying & understanding)
    Listening Comprehension
    Reading & Understanding texts
    Writing & Formulating sentences
    General Vocabulary

    Please answer the following questions:

    How confident are you with your language skills?
    How often do you practice the language?
    How do you normally practice the language?
    What do you have the most difficulties with?
    What do you typically use the language for?
    What would you like to improve? What is your goal?
    Why do you want to improve your language skills?
    Any other requests or comments?