Live & In Person

The best way to learn a language is direct interaction. MONDIALE LiveWeb language training takes place with a qualified trainer, not by means of educational software.  You work with your teacher, hear and see each other in a virtual classroom setting.


With us there is no standard training programme and no crowded learning groups. Each MONDIALE LiveWeb language training is tailored to the needs and (professional) requirements of the students.


For the LiveWeb language training it does not matter where the students are located, or if all participants are in the same room at the same time. Whether abroad on a business trip, at home or at work, the course can be held at any place.

Saves Time & Money

With MONDIALE LiveWeb language training there are no travel times or expenses, and no compromising the quality of teaching.


For MONDIALE LiveWeb you only need a web browser.  Apart from an installed Flash plugin no additional software is required.


Language training whenever you want. Appointments for the MONDIALE LiveWeb language training can always be booked at short notice, according to availability and requirement of the students.


Each LiveWeb language training is initiated by a placement test to determine the current language level of the student, and can be optionally evaluated at the end of the training.


MONDIALE has been providing language trainings with success for nearly 30 years.  A team of qualified professionals makes sure that our customers receive high-quality language lessons year in and year out.

Ready For The Future

Worldwide availability, high flexibility and individual orientation make MONDIALE LiveWeb language training a teaching method that is well adapted to the requirements of the corporate sector.