Case Studies

Case study 1: Large companies

Your company is international, and your employees are facing challenges in a large range of different situations – all in a foreign language. You work in teams and, possibly, even from different locations. It is difficult to organise regular language training because of different time schedules and locations. Therefore, you need a high-quality service which can be made to use flexibly and from different locations.

MONDIALE has been providing face-to-face training to large companies for many decades. We offer and manage language courses with an innovative approach.


Case study 2: SME

Your company is expanding. You need individual, work-specific language training. Overall, the number of employees considered for a language course is not high enough to book an entire course series. It is difficult to lay out a time and date for those language courses. You are searching for a provider who can efficiently cater to your training needs.

MONDIALE provides you with language courses and flexible time management. We prepare you for international challenges. The objectives of the language training are derived from both the language level and the needs analysis.


Case study 3: Professional terminology

You already have general knowledge of a foreign language and you need to improve. You want to conduct an individual needs analysis to map out objectives and a plan on how to reach them.

Through specific measures of language training, MONDIALE helps you develop your professional vocabulary and practice in the relevant fields of application. We know that professional terminology and general language differ from a lexical point of view.


Case study 4: Language tests

Your objective is to pass a language exam. Besides getting an idea about the usual test contents, you need to practice for specific or all forms of examination. The language lessons are as important to you as the time management during the test. You need tips on how to deal with stress during the test.

MONDIALE’s specialised language training helps you optimise your test results.


Case study 5: Job interviews

You are facing the challenge of attending a job interview in a foreign language. You will be evaluated based on your language skills. You do not have much time left to prepare.

Together, MONDIALE will hold mock interviews in order to prepare you for the real challenge.


Case study 6: Fun

You love foreign languages and want to give yourself or others a treat. A language course is needed that motivates through contact with a teacher who is a native speaker. Interaction and application of the language improves your language skills.

MONDIALE supports you in your learning path.


Case study X: It’s your turn!

Got other needs or ideas? We would like to know!

MONDIALE is interactive and individual.

Just contact us, and we will find a way to help you reach your objective!