Language Training with MONDIALE LiveWeb is simple, flexible and effective.

We support you in the process of choosing the right language training for you or your employees and do a placement test with all participants. Appointments can then be booked flexibly via our online calendar.

The steps of the process from the initial contact to the actual language training usually look like this:

1.  Contact us and let us advise you:


Our customer service is at your disposal. We will help you choose your language training, make recommendations for the right intervals and intensity of language training, assess your language level and needs, and help get you started with the LiveWeb training.

2. Take a free online test to assess your language level or the language levels of your employees:


The placement test is an online assessment tool for checking language skills (general and job-related) including a phone call to review the speaking and listening skills. The palcement test is available 24/7 and allows a differentiated classification which is based on A1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

3.  Complete the online needs analysis:


The more we know about your language needs, the better we can support you in your learning process. A detailed online needs analysis helps us to get the necessary insights to develop high-quality training tailored to your needs.

4. Use our online planner to book your lessons:

We provide you with access to our online planner which enables you to directly see time slots that are still available for language lessons. Just log in, choose your time and date and then you will have access to your lesson plan at any time. You can adapt the time and intervals of your lessons according to your needs.

5. You will receive a link to your course, well in advance of the booked date.

6. You participate in your lesson: