How It Works


Whether abroad on business, from home or at work, the course can take place anywhere.

MONDIALE LiveWeb is language training live and in person, since the best way to learn a language is direct interaction. LiveWeb language training gives you the opportunity to organise flexible and effective language training for your employees. It does not matter where the participants are located, and whether all the participants are in the same room at the same time. LiveWeb language training is ideal for employees who travel frequently, or for group lessons with participants from different sites of your company.

The MONDIALE LiveWeb Language Training can be booked both as an individual or group training. The MONDIALE portal enables us to provide direct face-to-face trainings virtually. You’ll work with your teacher in real time and are able to see and hear each other. Additionally, a whiteboard can be used. All participants are able to exchange materials and documents as well as visit websites, thus creating a fully interactive virtual classroom. If needed, the entire training can be recorded and made accessible for absent participants.

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